About Me

John F Schuster – An Entrepreneur with a Marketing Mind.

John's Profile

I like to say that I’m the guy who helps you to use the internet to find customers. Nothing thrills me more then getting to work with different kinds of businesses. From B2B to B2C. I have worked with them all.Having started and run many businesses myself in the ecommerce space it gives me great insight into how your business can benefit from what the internet has to offer.

A Little Bit of My Story

I was always the kid trying to sell lemonade on your street. Dreaming of owning my own hot dog stand, starting my own bakery, designing playgrounds for other kids, and selling candy door to door.

When my first born was on the way, I took the leap into internet business. First with an online retail business, later into brand building, and now online marketing services.

I have served as an online marketing consultant for local restaurants, coffee shops, and dental practices.

With a background as a business owner, I understand the importance of making things easy for you to keep up.  I will break down the walls, and help you to understand how your business can profit from having a good internet strategy.

I live in the Seattle Washington area with my wife and two kids.

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