Facebook Ads

Get More From Your Ads

Every day millions of people access Facebook through their phones, computers, and other mobile devices. Facebook is no longer just about connecting with friends, it is about connecting with customers and building a reliable source of traffic and customers.

As one of the leading Facebook Advertising consultants in the USA, John has used cutting edge strategies to deliver incredible results to his clients. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity with Facebook Advertising, it’s time to start getting more from your Facebook business page.


What are the Benefits

  1. More Traffic to your site
  2. More Sales
  3. One of the Most Inexpensive Sources of Traffic
  4. Ability to Scale
  5. Build Lists of Your Website Traffic and Target Audiences Similar to Them.

More than just Facebook

Did you know that Facebook ads includes so much more than your ad just displaying on Facebook?  Facebook ads also includes Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp.  Then there is also the Facebook audience network where your ad can be displayed on many different apps and websites. 


B2B for Facebook Ads and more..

Every business can benefit from Facebook ads.  Ecommerce to B2B lead generations. The first place to start when it comes to Facebook ads is retargeting your warm traffic on that channel. We see incredible results by starting here. 

The next step is how to target cold traffic (or new customers) and get them to become a lead or make a purchase on your website.  The process with this kind of advertising vs say, search advertising on Google, is very different. 


Video is a huge part of our Facebook advertising efforts. We can work with you to develop a promo video and/or edit existing content you have for effective video ad content. 

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