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What makes our development better?

We don’t just build a site so that it looks good. We build sites with conversion in mind. With our development we always keep the eye on the goal of increasing sales for our clients. This includes integrating the site with email marketing, optimizing it for speed, and building special revenue increasing extensions.

Our ecommerce marketing experience allows us to bake in Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Optimization into your site design and build.

Our website support after the buid is second to none.  We have many different support plans where we’ll continue to work on improving your site and adjusting to any business goals you have. 

We build on the most popular platforms. WooCommerce and Shopify have a dominant hold on the ecommerce market.  Similar to how Android and IOS have a hold on the mobile market. 

Custom Woocommerce Development

For many of our clients Woocommerce is going to be the best choice.  If you are just getting started and have a very low budget Shopify does offer the lowest barrier to entry. But once you start to grow, Shopify can become very expensive. Most of the integrations that come with Shopify have a monthly fee that starts to add up.  With Woocommerce it’s based on WordPress which is the largest open source website platform. Where as with Shopify your pretty much owning a piece of their company.

Custom Shopify Development

Shopify is quickly becoming the leader in the ecommerce space and we can help you customize it. We can customize Shopify so the design fits your brand. Conversion is still important and baking in a good SEO plan with your site design on Shopify is more challenging than WooCommerce.  Shopify does have a superior user interface and does make it easier for store owners to use. When it comes to custom functionality, styling, and integrations with Shopify; we have you covered! 

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What are the Benefits of Woocommerce development?

  1. Lower costs for integrations, extensions, and plugins
  2. Open Source – You really own your website. 
  3. Massive support and plugins that are built specifically for Woocommerce. 
  4. One of the largest most widely used ecommerce platforms today. 

What are the Benefits of Shopify development?

  1. Easy to use and beginner-friendly platform
  2. Affordable monthly fee that includes hosting, security, and some support
  3. A wide range of plugins and integrations available through the Shopify App Store.
  4. Excellent customer support and a large user community


How much Does Ecommerce Website Development Cost?

Costs can vary depending on the size and number of integrations of the website.  We also have different plans where we can wrap in support, marketing, and development into one monthly fee. 

For smaller ecommerce websites pricing starts at around $8500.  For larger ecommerce website with custom functionality these can cost from $15,000 – $25,000+

Our monthly plans start at $2,000/month. 

 We do offer flexible payment options and discounts on future work or support.

Don’t make a mistake when it comes to hiring an amatuer or thinking you are saving money by hiring a freelancer without the marketing experience.  Your ecommerce website is a critical revenue driver for your company and needs to be treated as such.

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