10 Steps to Finding and Choosing a Great Brand Name

Over the years I have had to find many different brand names. Finding a great business or brand name can be broken down into a simple step by step systematic process. Here are my personal notes and techniques, and some compiled from other authors “names?” that I use to find and choose a great brand name:choosing a brand name sign post arrows pointing

Step 1. Come up with a large keyword list, use thesaurus.com to find other less common words you can use. “I like to find short variations stay away from really long hard to spell words”. Continue reading

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Add Code to Header Using WordPress Functions.php

When you want to add analytics or any other code to your WordPress header, the easiest way to do this is to add a line of code to your functions.php. This line of code should be placed inside your functions php file preferably of a child theme so it doesn’t get overwritten by an update.  If you change themes though you will need to add this code again. Continue reading

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Contact Form 7 Spam Prevention with Akismet

A can of spamIf you are familiar with WordPress then most likely you use some type of Contact form and have experienced receiving some type of contact form spam.

One of the best WordPress contact forms (And I have tried several) is Contact Form 7. This plugin has a lot of flexibility. But even in it’s greatness by itself you will still get some contact spam. Continue reading

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How to Change your WordPress Domain Name and Host

Changing your WordPress domain name and host can be a difficult and time consuming process. I wanted to write this article to help others do it, and serve as an easy way for me to remember how to do it. With so many steps and possible errors it’s easy to forget how to do it correctly. This can also serve as a great way for you to make a live duplicate test site, so you can test changes to your existing site before actually making them live. Continue reading

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The Best WordPress Code Snippets

wordpress php code example

These are my personal favorite WordPress code snipets. One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is the large developer community that is constantly coming up with new functionality. Some of this WordPress functionality is implemented through plugins but many are just snipets of code that you can add to your website. This is a living document so be sure to bookmark this post as it will continue to evolve. Continue reading

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