Best WordPress Hosting

When it comes to hosting, having a good host can mean the difference between having your website working and having a broken website in addition to a lot of stress and headaches. Below is my list of the best choices in WordPress hosting that I have experience with. I may receive compensation from the hosting companies that I review/recommend.

I have experience using all of these hosts.

1. WPEngine

The best WordPress hosting solution hands down. The support is incredible. Easy Free SSL integration from Let’s Encrypt. Automated frequent backups. They have a great transfer plugin that makes moving to this host easy. Best of all,if your site gets hacked or malware they will help you fix it for no extra charge. Cost is a bit more than value hosting at about $25/month, but it’s worth the lack of headaches. Use this link to sign up for hosting

2. Bluehost

One of my favorites is the optimized WordPress hosting solution with bluehost. They do require you to purchase 1 year minimum and the dedicated solution is about $25/month but they also include the domain registration.

3. Dreamhost

The best shared hosting period. Dreamhost is great shared hosting at a great price. They also offer easy free SSL integration from Let’s Encrypt. The support is lackluster but the hosting is a great value.
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dreamhost banner


When you are looking for a dedicated VPS solution with performance at a good price is a great choice. I really like that they include an SSL certificate. hosting banner

5. Hostgator

When you are looking for great shared hosting Hostgator has been the leader for years. But if you want good email hosting look elsewhere.
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Growth Hack:  Almost all hosting companies will refund you for unused time if you decide to leave, so don’t be afraid to purchase a full year or more of hosting to save money.