How To Use Social Media to Get Sales

Using Social Media to Get Sales is not an overnight thing. The wrong approach to social media is to always be selling. Social media is relationship selling. Studies show over and over that direct selling on social channels performs very poorly. Take the time to build a relationship with your customers using social media, and you will build a loyal group of followers also known as a tribe who look to you as a resource. So how do you build this loyal group of followers? And how do you translate this into sales using social media? Continue reading

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Facebook Business Page Admins: Add Admins and Change Owners

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Do you have a Facebook business page or brand page? Want some help posting content or responding to comments. Changing ownership of your page? To do this you need to know how to create facebook business page admins.

First you need to decide what level of access you want to give. The two main types Continue reading

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How to Choose a Good Brand Name

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So you want to start selling online? Maybe you want to open your own ecommerce store. How about start your own line of cosmetics, or your own brand of salsa? Knowing how to choose a good brand name is important when you are trying to find one.

There are some free tools available that will help you find ideas for a good brand name, Continue reading

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Hiring a Seattle Online Marketing Consultant or Agency?

Seattle Online Marketing Agencies are abundant. Since Seattle is such a tech savvy area it’s home to some of the nations largest online marketing firms.

If your going to choose to work with one of the larger agencies just be careful that your not being plugged into some kind of cookie cutter template and hooked into a monthly fee. The longer I do online marketing consulting the more monthly fees I see. Reason being it is very lucrative for the marketing firm. Some will charge you a set-up fee and then a fairly high (several hundred dollars per month) fee to really do nothing. Once the client is set-up most of the work is finished and for the marketing agencies its all profit.  If the agency continued to offer value as in content, regular updates, and social media management; this would be a different story. But many don’t, they just host the website and hold it hostage.cookie cutter

I recently had a client who used one of these local Seattle marketing agencies to help him get his website, social, email, and Pay per click marketing campaign started. Continue reading

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