OptinMonster is one of our favorite tools to use for collecting leads. We use it on all of our sites, it has great tools, plans, and pricing. Today we are going to help you set up OptinMonster and Google Analytics.

Requirements For OptinMonster and Google Analytics Setup

  • Have a Google Analytics account
  • Install it on your website
  • Have an OptinMonster account
  • Install it on your website

Connecting Google Analytics to OptinMonster

  1. Add your site to OptinMonster
  2. Connect Google Analytics to your Site and OptinMonster Campaign
  3. Go to google analytics, must be in the admin panel
  4. Click the bottom left gear icon, go to goals, select a new goal

google analytics settings

5. Set the event Action as ‘Equals to’ conversion, and the event Label as ‘Equals to’ the Unique ID of your campaign.

6. Your own event label should match the unique ID of your specific campaign

Where can I find the Campaign ID to use in my Event Goal?

optinmonster campaign id

For more information on how to set this up correctly, watch the video above.


Setting everything up correctly is ideal to be able to track results and improve your conversions. If it is not set up correctly then your data that you receive will be wrong and it will not help you adjust and improve your landing pages. Measurement is critical to improving your funnels.

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