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How to Change your WordPress Domain Name and Host

How to Change your WordPress Domain Name and Host

Changing your Wordpress domain name and host can be a difficult and time consuming process. I wanted to write this article to help others do it, and serve as an easy way for me to remember how to do it. With so many steps and possible errors it's easy to forget how to...

The Best WordPress Code Snippets

The Best WordPress Code Snippets

These are my personal favorite Wordpress code snipets. One of the biggest advantages of using Wordpress is the large developer community that is constantly coming up with new functionality. Some of this Wordpress functionality is implemented through plugins but many...

How To Use Social Media to Get Sales

Using Social Media to Get Sales is not an overnight thing. The wrong approach to social media is to always be selling. Social media is relationship selling. Studies show over and over that direct selling on social channels performs very poorly. Take the time to build...

How to Choose a Good Brand Name

So you want to start selling online? Maybe you want to open your own ecommerce store. How about start your own line of cosmetics, or your own brand of salsa? Knowing how to choose a good brand name is important when you are trying to find one. There are some free...

Hiring a Seattle Online Marketing Consultant or Agency?

Hiring a Seattle Online Marketing Consultant or Agency?

Seattle Online Marketing Agencies are abundant. Since Seattle is such a tech savvy area it’s home to some of the nations largest online marketing firms.

If your going to choose to work with one of the larger agencies just be careful that your not being plugged into some kind of cookie cutter template and hooked into a monthly fee. The longer I do online marketing consulting the more monthly fees I see. Reason being it is very lucrative for the marketing firm. Some will charge you a set-up fee and then a fairly high (several hundred dollars per month) fee to really do nothing. Once the client is set-up most of the work is finished and for the marketing agencies its all profit.cookie cutter

The 10 most profitable things you can do for your ecommerce marketing in 2020

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