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Do you have a Facebook business page or brand page? Want some help posting content or responding to comments. Changing ownership of your page? To do this you need to know how to create facebook business page admins.

First you need to decide what level of access you want to give. The two main types of admins are manager and content creator. These are the two most important levels and should be understood so that you can get some help with your business page, without jeopardizing your business. I would never put anybody I didn’t trust in either of these roles.

The difference between a Manager and a Content Creator admin roles on a facebook business page.

Manager – Can edit the admin roles. Warning: be careful about who you add as managers. They can remove other managers including owners of the page. If you are transfering ownership this is how you would do this. Managers can also do things like merge and delete pages.

Content Creator- For most cases this level of admin role will be enough to publish content, update and change page profiles, and use advertising to promote posts.

Facebook advertising is setup differently since the accounts are tied to the individual users and their credit cards. To manage an advertising account and the spend for someone does require another level of permission which is located in the users advertising settings.

To change page admins

  1. you must be logged into your personal facebook account.
  2. Click on the gear icon on the top right to take you to the page you want to edit the admin roles for.
  3. Then click on Edit Page >Manage Admin Roles.
  4. Make sure you have the email address of the person you want to add.
  5. Enter the email address and select the level of admin.
  6. Press Enter

To change ownership of a facebook page

  1.  (same as above 1-4)
  2. Make the new owner a manager
  3. Remove yourself

Social media managers can help you manage your page and post content. Watch your audience and business grow through social media. If you don’t have enough time to post on a regular basis you can always hire somebody to help you do this. Whatever you decide be sure you know exactly what kind of person you are trying to attract to your business page.

Do you have any help managing your pages? Do you have a business or brand page?