Powers Chimney & Masonry: A New Challenge

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When designing websites, it’s always nice to be presented with some new challenge or opportunity. This could be a website for an industry you’re unfamiliar with, or it could be a website with some new and exciting design features… powerscm.com was exactly that for us.

We ended up making dedicated service pages for this site. Each service page had recent projects that would populate depending on the service chosen, but we didn’t stop there. We had a really unique vision for the site. It started with the modern geometric pattern of the homepage. We then carried that design throughout the rest of the site. Once this was done we knew we were missing one key thing, icons. We created custom icons for the top level service page. These icons match the aesthetic and feel that we were looking for. It was a lot of fun to work on this site, and we’re always looking for that next challenge.

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Project Highlights:


  • Custom Iconography
  • Unique Geometric Style
  • Dedicated Service Pages
  • Responsive Portfolio Based on Services Page


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